Twisted Tales from the Files of the Second Chance Limousine Service: A series of novelettes and novellas. Think "Twilight Zone" with a dark side.

Ah, yes. Speculative Fiction. Gotta love a genre wherein absolutely anything can happen, no matter how far out or absurd it might seem on the surface. For example...

Ever wish you had a second chance? An opportunity to right some wrong that was done to you? Or that you did to someone else? That's what these stories are about. Thing is, you never can be sure about the unintended consequences of changing what's all ready been done.

The main character in each of these twisted tales will get a second chance, for better or for worse. 

How? Why, courtesy of the Second Chance Limousine Service. That's how. All available on Kindle for just 99¢ each... Or... all four tales in a single volume for just $2.99 (scroll down to bottom of page).

Wanna take a ride? 

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All 4 Second Chance stories in one volume!
Kindle $2.99

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