Ouija Calling ET: Do You Copy? (99¢ on Kindle) is a true story (complete with illustrations) about a series of Ouija board sessions that began much like many Ouija stories, recounting tales of communication with the spirits of the dearly (and some not-so-dearly) departed souls. 

This story, however, took a most unexpected turn when a list of strange words began to appear and suddenly the three participants (of which this author was one) found themselves fully immersed in a series of communications with ETs. Not dead, dearly departed ETs, mind you. No. These ETs were quite alive and well, living on a planet called Grek-5 in a dimension they described as being "in your future time". 

Sound strange? Improbable? Impossible? Unbelievable? Or was it all something quite different than what it appeared to be? You decide.

The length of this ebook is the equivalent of 40 print pages and contains drawings, by the author, to illustrate various elements of the story.  


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