WANNA TAKE A RIDE? (5 Twisted Tales from the Files of the Second Chance Limousine Service in one Kindle ebox set)

Yes, just 99¢ through Dec. 2015

Included in this volume:
(novelette, 11,500 words)

A wealthy computer software entrepreneur is filled with remorse for having his wife murdered by a killer-for-hire. Can he atone for such a sin? The 2nd Chance Limo is on the way. But will it help? Or will it fail? You'll have to read this twisted tale. Wanna take a ride? 
(novelette, 7,500 words)

Vince Blaylock, an up and coming rock star, finds himself smitten and bitten and not at all pleased to discover he's now a vampire. A hundred years later, to the day, his Second Chance becomes a tale of revenge with an ending you won't see coming. Wanna take a ride? 

(novella, 21,500 words) 

The tiny, rural town of Higginsville has a rather unusual library. Perhaps even more unusual than the library is the old head librarian, Ms. Beatrice Busby. She burns books. But when a Gypsy woman arrives and all hell breaks loose in the library basement, on Halloween night, and two young girls meet their demise, well... somebody's gonna need a second chance to make things right. Then again, who's to decide what's right? Wanna take a ride?
(novelette, 10,000 words)

A wanna-be actress, with a life full of baggage, finally gets a shot at the big time. The stage is set, the curtain is about to go up, the audience is buzzing with anticipation. What could possibly go wrong? Rest assured, something will. Something terrible. But you know what they say: The show must go on. The Second Chance Limo is on the way and the script is about to be revised in ways no one could have imagined. Wanna take a ride?
 (novelette: 17,500 words)

The owner of a small grocery store plays a lottery prank on a homeless man. It was all with the best of intentions. Who would have thought it could all go so wrong? So wrong that the Second Chance limo had to make two trips. Guns and fists and turns and twists. Oh my. Wanna take a ride?

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Note: Includes the multi-part prologue and the first 12 chapters of my highly praised full-length novel, ASH: Return of the Beast

Wanna Take a Ride? 
Sure, why not? It'll be fun!
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