THE PRANK (Another Twisted Tale from the Files of the Second Chance Limousine Service)


 (Novelette length, 16,000 words -Kindle 99¢) 

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Inspired by the youtube video by Rahat, the sleight-of-hand illusionist, who played a lottery ticket prank on a homeless man.
Of course my novelette (16,000 words), being another Twisted Tale from the Files of the Second Chance Limousine Service, takes both the prank perpetrator and the prank victim on a detour into the outer reaches of reality, at the dark edge of twilight, where anything can happen. Wanna take a ride?

Here in this part
Of the city
Where alleys are dark
And streets are gritty
Where hidden dangers
Lie in wait
For unwary strangers
To meet their fate
Where sirens break
The silent night
To catch a killer
Or stop a fight,
A tiny bell
Above the door,
A lottery ticket
On the floor
Of old man Goodman's
grocery store,
Two good men
Are now entwined
In a tangled web
They must unwind.
In a series of desperate
Turns and twists
Of good intentions
Guns and fists,
One will live
And one will die
And neither knows
The reason why.
The Second Chance
Will come of course
To intervene.
But will it help?
Or will it fail?
It's all revealed
In this twisted tale.
Wanna take a ride?

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  1. well next time give them a ride with a limo hire it from us